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  • I have contributed to development of “Affordable Sustainable Housing Program” (ASHP) as
    part of the vision to produce sustainable housing at an affordable price for Australians.

  • I have nearly twenty years of professional experience in urban design, architectural design, construction
    and coordination of housing projects, nationally and internationally.

  • I am a registered building and construction supervisor in Australia (BLD 291830),  open to extending skill set and continually adding to knowledge base.

  • I am willing to cooperate with design firms as a part of a team.

  • I am also interested in working with individual clients and organizations on freelance basis, and for producing innovative and quality design-research projects.

In Practice

  • During my studies, research and work experiences (2000-2019), I have developed a systemic approach for understanding built-environments.

  • This approach foresees design of a built form in close relations with the socio-spatial aspects of its larger context, and also individually as per client demands and local requirements.

  • In my professional work I am developing  a multi dimensional method of design, combining architecture and urban design, all growing as a part of a larger whole.

Academic realm

  • Some areas of my research/design interest include social-environmental sustainability, Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD), Integrated Water Recycling Systems (IWRS), humanism in architecture, socio-environmental sustainability in housing projects, housing affordability, the study of the interaction between vulnerable people and their environs.

  • I feel confident solving and cooperating in solving multi-aspect design/research problems within the realm of built-environment including landscape architecture, urban design.

  • I can design and coordinate  design courses including utilization of parametric computer programs (e.g. ArcGIS).


P.O.Box 117

North Adelaide , SA 5006

Tel : +61 470 327 987             

Tel : +98 918 161 4381

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